Assisted Living Concepts

​Assisted Living Security Concepts

Trans. Amt. to Date Location Customer Since Description of Projects
$6,550 Bremerton, Washington Albright House June 2008 Nurse Paging System
$8,500 Caldwell, Idaho Annabelle House October 2006 Paging System
$13,709 Madras, Oregon Aspen House June 2008 Nurse Call System
$25,426 Astoria, Oregon Astor House June 2008 Fire Alarm Upgrade, Paging System
$62,285 Delanco, NJ May 2011 – Present Fire/CCTV Systems
$15,848 Bend, Oregon Aubrey Houseo June 2008 Security System, Fire System
$9,500 S. Beach, Oregon Bayside House July 2007 Paging System
$6,975 Kennewick, Washington Chenoweth House July 2008 People Tracking System
$65,694 Baltimore, Maryland May 2010 – Present Security, CCTV, Access Control
$28,950 Nampa, Idaho Clearwater House April 2007 Nurse Paging System, Fire System
$8,740 Battle Ground, Washington Colonial House June 2008 Nurse Call System
$15,335 Kelso, Washington Crawford House June 2008 Nurse Call System
$145,000 Boise Idaho Aviation September 2000 – Present New Construction, Security, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Access Control
$2,500 Silverton, Oregon Davenport House June 2008 Security System
$14,200 Estacada, Oregon Grace House June 2008 Nurse Call System
$12,375 Seward, Nebraska Greene House January 2007 Nurse Call System
$10,227 Lincoln City, Oregon Hillside House June 2008 Fire System, Additional Security Equipment
$23,677 Port Angeles, Washington Laurel Park House July 2008 Nurse Call System, Fire System
$14,281 Idaho Falls, Idaho Mallory House August 2006 Nurse Paging System, Security System
$48,197 Idaho Falls, Idaho January 2006 – Present Fire System, CCTV, Security System
$25,815 Ellensburg, Washington Mtn View Meadows House July 2008 Nurse Paging System, Security System
$13,280 Sequim, Washington Prairie Springs House July 2008 Security System, Fire System
$4,980 Garden City, Idaho Rosewind House January 2008 Fire System
$28,525 Port Orchard, Washington Sydney House June 2008 Fire System, Nurse Call System
$27,044 Hayden, Idaho Sylvan House January 2007 Delayed Egress, Nurse Call System Additions
$7,680 Rexburg, Idaho Teton House May 2008 Fire System
$19,800 Port Townsend, Washington Victoria House July 2008 Fire System
$9,867 Burley, Idaho Warren House May 2008 Fire System

In addition, the following ALC Houses are being services and/or monitored:

Carriage House
Jackson House
Juniper House
Linkville House
Macklyn House
Parkhurst House
Sawyer House
Shasta View House
Chaparelle House
Clark House

Chestnut House

Baker House
Granville House
Lindsay House
Maurice House
Mey House
Post House

Blossom House
Cascade House
Franklin House
Karr House
Lexington House
Louisa House
Mission Ridge House
Orchard House
Pioneer House
West Woods House
Windriver House