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Alarmco, Inc.’s personal mission is to provide a successful, well- managed project every time. We unequivocally believe repeat business is the best business. Every thriving company has a method for success. The Alarmco, Inc. method is “Building Long Term Partnerships and Relationships with Each Valued Client.”

Protect Your Family

Alarmco, Inc. offers protection and peace of mind to thousands of customers using high quality home security in Boise.

Our homes are more than the roof over our heads, it is our haven. Our goal is to achieve the safety, security and stability you desire for your family. Alarmco, Inc.’s home security and fire systems will ease the concerns associated with your family’s safety and your valued property. We offer extensive product lines that extend beyond intrusion and fire protection. We offer extensive residential services including Intrusion and Fire Protection, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Gas Detection, as well as Medical and Panic Notification. At Alarmco, Inc., we are sensitive to the special needs of the aged and disabled, therefore we offer special customized systems and responses tailored to their unique needs.

You do not need a phone line to monitor your system, but the integrity of your system is only as good as the transmission method and the Central Monitoring Station providing the monitoring. Alarmco, Inc.’s 24-hour monitoring center cannot be compromised by severed telephone lines, 2nd party services, or power outages.

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Home Security AlarmsOur customers experience prompt, courteous, well-managed home security services that are second to none.


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Residential Security Services


Personal Emergency Response

Idaho Medical Alert System

No one enjoys having their independence taken away. 24 hour personal emergency response equipped with an array of personal services. Your loved ones can keep their independence and you will have the peace of mind knowing that help is always nearby.

Alarmco Inc.’s Personal Emergency Response System includes medical alerts, intrusion, fire protection, carbon monoxide, and perscription reminders so your loved ones can communicate with the monitoring station and ensure they get the proper help as quickly as possible.