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Alarmco, Inc.’s personal mission is to provide a successful, well- managed project every time. We unequivocally believe repeat business is the best business. Every thriving company has a method for success. The Alarmco, Inc. method is “Building Long Term Partnerships and Relationships with Each Valued Client.”

Commercial Intrusion Systems

Protect your Business from Theft or Intrusion

Protecting your largest investment and its assets is our #1 priority. At Alarmco Inc., we can provide custom designed and installed security solutions. There are hundreds of options to consider when designing a commercial burglar alarm system, and our team of trained and experienced security consultants will create a system that works for your businesses needs and budget.

Our state-of-the-art systems provide a strong deterrence for inside and outside theft. All of our security systems are monitored by a 24-hour alarm monitoring station in Idaho and can communicate through telephone lines, long range radio or cellular transmission.

24-Hour Central Station Monitoring

Business Security MonitoringOur NFPA, UL, and FCC Certified Network and Radio Transmitting / Receiving methods eliminate the need for any phone lines associated with a Commercial Security and Fire Alarm Systems. These methods of transmission are approved by our Local Authorities, Underwriters Laboratories, the Federal Communications Commission, and National Fire Protection Association. A Commercial Security and Fire Alarm system is much more secure when there are no phone lines to be cut. The cost savings related to eliminating phone lines speaks for itself, especially on the fire alarm panels. Alarmco, Inc. is committed to all of our customers and to the Treasure Valley by providing the most advanced technologies the Fire and Security Industry has to offer.


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