Best Places to Hide Valuables in the House

Wired and wireless surveillance systems are probably the best ways to protect your family heirlooms, but companies who specialize in home security in Boise are questioned all the time about the best places to hide valuables. Burglars are generally pretty hip to the usual hiding places, so there are no 100 percent safe hiding places. Because burglars don’t have a lot of time, however, you might be able to fool them on occasion with these clever tricks.
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Professionally Installed, Hidden Safe

A safe may seem like an obvious choice, but it’s also a very effective one. In fact, most home security specialists advise clients who intend to keep valuables in the home to have a safe installed as part of the home security in their Boise home. The safe itself can be hidden. Though safes are always hidden behind paintings in the movies, in real life, safes are often installed in floors, sometimes in the closet. They’re not easy to find, and even if the crook does find it, the wireless surveillance system has already alerted the police.

Child’s Room

Whether you’re using a safe or some other container, a child’s room is an excellent location choice. A master bedroom and a home office are obvious choices, but a kid’s room is much less so. Sure, they might target an Xbox or PlayStation, but they’re not likely to focus enough to find a safe or a hidden compartment.

Wall Outlet

A wall outlet is a superb choice for hiding small assets, such as jewelry and emergency money. Simply, hide the valuables behind the wall plate. When you need access, the wall plate is easily removed, and you can even use a coin instead of a screwdriver. The great thing about this choice is that the burglar doesn’t have enough time to check these locations even if he’s aware of the possibility.

False Container

For larger items, consider hiding them in a false container, one that looks as if it serves another purpose, such as a false cleaning product or the lining at the bottom of a trashcan. You can hide false containers under kitchen sinks, under bathroom sinks, in the basement and so on.


If your valuable is waterproof and won’t be affected by cold temperatures, then keep it in the freezer. First, wrap it in tinfoil. Then provide it with a label that means something to you but reads like just another food item to someone else. Finally, put it in an area with similarly wrapped items. Most burglars aren’t going into the fridge, and even if they do, they’re not spending time opening individual items.

Hollowed-Out Book

Last but not least, hide your valuables in a hollowed-out book. It might seem like something out of the movies, but it actually works quite well in the right scenario. The right scenario is a large collection of books. If you have a bookcase full of books, then a hollowed-out book is a good option. Don’t, however, use a single hollowed-out book that you leave, for instance, lying on the coffee table in the middle of the living room.