Key Personnel

Corrine McKague

Corrine McKague is the owner-operator of Alarmco, Inc. She brings to Alarmco, Inc. a level of expertise that comes from 45 years in the security industry. Corrine has accomplished hundreds of successful projects with Alarmco, Inc. Corrine has a unique ability to identify each client’s needs and, in turn, provide the integrated solutions they are seeking. She has, for many years, demonstrated her ability to perform in the management of Alarmco, Inc. Corrine is a Certified Licensed Limited Energy Contractor. She personally works to develop and always improve quality relationships with every valued Alarmco, Inc. client. Alarmco, Inc. Commercial, Corporate, and United States Government sectors are all overseen by Corrine. She ensures all expectations and requirements are met during and after the completion of the projects.

Certified in:

  • Idaho Limited Energy Technician
  • Idaho Limited Energy Electrical Contractor
  • Security and Fire Alarms
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control System
  • UL 24hr Central Station Operation and Service

Jason Alan Mannor

Alan Mannor has served with Alarmco, Inc. since January 1995. He is highly valued, well-seasoned, and a strong asset to Alarmco, Inc. due to his well-rounded technical knowledge as well as his administrative skills. Alan has been in the security and fire alarm industry for over 30 years. He first began his tenure in the field as a technician, installing larger and more complex security systems, fire systems, CCTV systems, access control systems, and integration systems. Alan provides leadership for key technology solutions, including applications, systems, and infrastructure. He is a sturdy support for Alarmco, Inc. Alan can identify and solve complex issues in systems and projects; he is a natural-born technician and leader. He has a great deal of knowledge related to construction, both new and existing structures. Alan provides an unsurpassed degree of support to our valued customers who rely on Alarmco, Inc. for their critical systems.

Certified in:

  • Integrated Fire Systems – Siemens, Bosch, Honeywell, Silent Knight
  • Security Systems – Bosch, Honeywell,
  • CCTV Systems- Pelco, Exacq Vision,
  • Access Control Systems – Stanley PAC,
  • Enterprise Systems – Milestone, Vindicator, Pro Watch
  • UL Central Station Operations and Service

Mark Scharfen

Mark is a results-oriented professional who is experienced in many aspects of the fire alarm and security systems industry. He is adept at interpreting construction plans and is also very knowledgeable in national codes and laws. He easily assists those who need help in these areas. His many years of experience offer a strong backbone for problem-solving and thinking outside the box to find solutions for multiple types of situations and effectively apply company resources. Mark has 35 years of experience in security, fire alarm, access control, and CCTV systems. Mark is customer service-oriented and treats others as he would like to be treated. Mark provides a very high degree of support to our valued customers who rely on Alarmco, Inc. for their systems.

Certified in:

  • NICET II, #113732
  • LE Journeyman, #008296ICC Fire Inspector 1 and 2.
  • ICC Fire Code Plans Examiner
  • ICC Fire Code Inspector 1 & 2

These are a few of our key quality personnel. We have many other highly esteemed team members as well. Please direct any questions to Corrine McKague

Statement of Capabilities